Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria's president.

By Achike Chude

Our president has gone again.  He has gone to South Korea to help save the world. He is smart, our president. There is an old African adage that says that a man that is rejected by his own people will not reject himself. So, since his fellow Nigerians do not see his many merits, he has gone to those who would acknowledge them.

He has gone again, our president, smiling and waving to us all from the airport tarmac and the window of his airplane. The wicked and nefarious killers and bandits in Benue state thought that they could derail his trip by committing more atrocities in Benue, killing and burning homes of innocent Nigerians. But our president knew their shenanigan was to keep him in the country. He quickly called their bluff and off to South Korea he went.

The president knows the mischievous antics of the terrorists and bandits. Every single time that he is planning to go on an extremely important international meeting outside the country, they will just strike. Just to keep him in Nigeria.

And it is not because they like him oo. If they did, they would not have attacked his security convoy some months ago.

* The unconscionable and souless merchants of death!

Perhaps the president knows that there are moles in his government who inform the degenerate and irredeemable criminals that 'Oga is about to go out again'. - because it is exactly at the moment of his trips that they strike. They did it at Owo, they did it at Shiroro.

If only they knew that the president has caught on to their dirty tricks, they will just stop wasting their time with all these their killings. 

Oga will still travel. If not for any other reason, at least to show them that they cannot stop him.

The unrefined reprobates!

Imagine, some people were actually trying to use the natural disaster of flooding to keep him at home. They were even suggesting, or insinuating that he should visit the flooded areas. Wicked people with wicked suggestions. Visit thirty-three states that were flooded by water? Only him? Is he a Jacky or beast of burden?  That he promised to lead Nigerians does not mean that he would die doing it. Only people with perverse minds would work their horses to death.

Ungrateful and malicious people!


No wonder they always criticize him whenever he goes on medical treatment abroad. They say he should stay back in Nigeria and get treatment here. Stay back? Treated by who? Herbalists and marabous, and with which medical equipment? If only Nigerians know about the excellent state of medical infrastructure in Europe and America, they will be happy that he goes there to get well so that he can come back whole to make Nigeria better.

Some silly Nigerians are forever complaining about how Nigerians are running away from the country, including professionals like doctors, engineers, and lecturers. They say that they are just japaing from the country carelessly, anyhow. But they do not see what the president sees: that it is a good thing. Is it not the same Nigerian doctors that are now treating him and other Nigerians in the same foreign country? Is it not the same Nigerian lecturers that are now teaching Nigerians students abroad. You see, what we have lost at home, we have gained abroad. Minus-minus is plus. So we are not losing anything.

The unstoppable complainants and agitators!

Why do they even think that he is going to South Korea self? Is it not to tackle the climate change problem that is responsible for the flood in Nigeria? So the answer is simple! He is going to South Korea to stop the flood in Nigeria. After all, his minister says that climate change was 80%  responsible for the recent flood and not the Lagdo dam in Cameroon.

I am beginning to suspect that people are just generally jealous of our president - because he is the one traveling all over the world and not them.

* The salacious dealers in envy and hypocrisy.

Instead of them to say what is truly in their minds, they will be using killings, kidnappings, and flood to try to stop our president from his beloved and important foreign trips where he goes to save all of us.

He will soon be back from South Korea. And my advice to him when he comes back is to remain resolute.

Please, fly Mr President, fly!

When is your next trip?

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