It is erroneous to continue to do the same thing same way and expect a different result. The sole aim of a foresighted government is to create the enabling environment for businesses to strive.

The Governor Godwin Obaseki led government came on board knowing full well what he would be up against. The "political Ekukus" that have paraded themselves on the political arena for a long time were all waiting, as usual, to direct the Governor on how it is done…Na so we dey do am or else you go get problem.

Governor Godwin Obaseki (middle).

But the man very resolute in his heart knew better; any man who is ready to stand for the right thing must also be ready to face stiff opposition. Even our forefathers, our ancestors and the biblical characters who stood for the right thing suffered similar fate.

If we are to continue the old way, then we must be able to answer clearly this questions:

Where is Bendel Breweries today? A company situated near Guinness Plc a private company doing very well at the Ikpoba Hill axis of Benin. They brought in Churchgate to close the gate after embezzling fund; till today litigation continues (a story for another day).

Where is Edo Pharmaceutical? Where is Bendel Insurance company? Where is Edo Line? This is to mention but a few.

Any business that solely rests on government dies in the hands of government. Obaseki understood this and came up with a formidable plan of memorandum of understanding (MOU). Simply put, the government will give you a tax holiday, give you land, give you 24 hours electricity, give you security etc. Just come and invest your money in our state, employ our people, train our people, carry out corporate social responsibility for our people etc. Today the fruits of those MOUs are springing up everywhere with new investments. 

They nicknamed him the MOU Governor, called him all manners of names for deviating from the past that brought us nowhere. I never supported him from the beginning but today I can clearly see a departure from the old order.

He may not be perfect, but he has shown viable leadership and must be allowed to continue. The people will surely rally behind him to keep this good works going.

  Ø  Comrade Amienye D. Omorogie, of the “Made In Ikpoba-Okha Agenda”, wrote in from Benin City, Edo State.

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