RUGA: Shine your Eyes, CAN Warns Southern Nigerians

The Federal Govt aims to create colonies for the Fulani herders across Nigeria.
Following a similar call at the weekend by Prof Wole Soyinka and Ooni of Ife, Oba Ogunwusi Adeyeye that southern Nigeria should defend their ancestral lands, the Southern Nigeria Christian Association of Nigeria, (CAN), has lent their voice to this warning.

According to the body, even though the planned RUGA scheme which is aimed at creating cattle colonies for the Fulani cattle herders has been suspended, government might still go ahead to implement it surreptitiously.

In a press statement issued by CAN by its Secretary, Dr. Joseph Ajujungwa,  he gave this warning to the 17 states that make up Southern CAN.
The statement raised concerns that President Muhammadu Buhari, going by his antecedent and body language, may stubbornly go ahead to implement the scheme. Based on this, “every Southerner needs to be to be watchful”.
“Even as we pray, we don’t need to keep quiet; they are experts in underground work. We do not have land to give to anybody as a grazing field or colony and we call on the South East governors to maintain their stand that they do not have such a place. Do you know what it means to give 10 hectares of land to herdsmen? We say no to that,” the statement added.
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  1. I believe Nigerians are not daft. If the President try to impose RUGA on us after suspending it, there will be consequences.

    ImI hope Onuoha

  2. The man left Ruidoso, and moved to Amarillo,white contacts sclera Texas; where he turned into a volunteer for a non-benefit enterprise.


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