President Muhammadu Buhari...we have a father who is not a father.
The deed has been done even before it began. The verdict has been passed even before the event transpired.

President Muhammadu Buhari has entered the Book of Infamy as the worst among the political misfits and political vampires and gargoyles that have straddled the country's political space. The symptoms were there for those with eyes to see but preferred the blindness of parochialism. The warning bells were ringing with alarming intensity for those with ears to hear but they chose to listen to the deceitful tunes of falsehood and propaganda.

Surrounded by an army of soulless praise singers whose distorted ethnic affiliations and warped religious proclivities were their driving force, they sold their conscience, their race, their faith and most importantly, their country. For thirty pieces of silver, those who described themselves as 'Hailers, were willing to sing the 'virtues' of the devil and cloak him in fine garments and gold.

Their creed was simple: destroy every vestige of opposition to the man in Aso Rock, regardless of the merits of their issues. Even institutions of state were not spared their unbridled senseless assault. Thus, their 'god' could disobey validly given judgments of the Supreme Court of the land, and it was ok.

No wonder they came up with the word 'Mr. Integrity' to hail a man and president who constantly surrounds himself with suspected practicing treasury looters, alleged retired looters, who still kept their loots, and aspiring treasury looters as well. They forgot the words of the sages: "Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are". Do not be deceived, bad character corrupts good manners" and one bad apple spoils the rest.

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Now the country is on fire with threats and counter threats of possible mayhem and anarchy by different ethnic groups to add to the one already on ground over the continuing Fulani linked Ruga settlement scheme. At a time such as this, the recourse is to run to the president, the 'father' of the nation for solution. 
But unlike the role of any genuine father who will try to show equality of love and affection to all his children even when he has his favorites, this father at Aso Rock is not known to treat all his children with equality of fondness and enthusiasm. This father is clearly biased and favours some over others - a recipe for the ever increasing division and distrust we see in the land today.

But the Fulanis have been with us from the beginning of our history as a nation state. In the main, they are very good people. They have not always been troublesome and they are not troublesome. They have been power brokers in this country, and two of their finest (Shehu Shagari and Umaru Yar Adua) have been president and they showed kindness and loyalty to the Nigerian state. The present occupier of central power at Aso Rock, President Muhammadu Buhari, either by acts of omission or commission, is majorly responsible for what is going on in the country today. His in competences, deficits, provincialism, identity proclivities, and deficiencies stink to high heavens.

Now anybody can come out openly to make threats across divides in this country and get away with it... All because we have a father who is not a father.

A billion tears for Nigeria!

- Achike Chude is social/political activist, novelist, and a public affairs commentator.  

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  1. He swindled us with 'I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody'. Now we know that he belongs to some people.


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