A Lagos Bus Terminus commissioned in 2018, but not functional. 

Patriotism begets nationalism. Nationalism begets the desire for the good of your country and to support the right action(s) and policies of government.

It is patriotic to love your President. It is healthy to admire your governor. But your love for country should supersede your admiration and love for your President and your governor.

Therein lies the depth of your patriotism and the weight of your nationalism. Your patriotism should insist on your President and your governor doing what is right at all times, because that was the very basis why we surrendered our collective mandate to them in the first place.

But if your love for your President and your admiration for your governor should becloud your sense of duty to condemn any wrong they may do so that corrections could be effected subsequently, then your patriotism is zero, and your nationalism is eye-service.

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