A Nigerian man, Bright Ben, has cried out after his pastor, Bishop Moses Adeeyo, married his wife, Tina Adeeyo, in a ceremony that took place on Sunday, August 8, 2021, according to a Facebook post by Women of Rubies.

Taking to his Facebook page, Bright Ben, disclosed that his pastor has married his wife, claiming it was in obedience to “instruction from God”

Narrating to friends who expressed concerns over his grief, he wrote: “Blessing Okhimhe, [the] Pastor of our church married my wife, that the Holy Spirit told him that.”

After crying out on the social media, his ex-wife’s younger sister Elizabeth Okonkwo, asked him to stop grieving over his loss, warning him to take down his post or else she would expose all the evil he has done to her sister, to the world.

Upon being dragged to explain why a pastor should consider it proper to marry the wife of one of his members, Elizabeth Okonkwo took to Facebook, saying rather than condemn the act, people should congratulate her elder sister for her new marriage, because “her pains are over.”


Some folks who made comments on the post are wondering if Elizabeth's statement is a proof that Bright Ben had probably not been a good husband to his former wife, Tina, hence the reason she had to leave him for another man.

Meanwhile Bishop Moses Adeeyo, being accused of taking someone’s wife has also taken to his Facebook page to share photos of his wedding in church, as well as those of the traditional wedding to Tina.

The accused man of God, who is a Senior Pastor at Word Bank Assembly International Church, Eneka, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, is said to be divorced, until his marriage to Tina.

In his social media post, he wrote, “Thank You Jesus! Congratulations, Celebrations, jubilations, and joy is our portion from now on. That's your portion too, in Jesus name.”

Elizabeth Okonkwo on her part, wrote, “Congratulations to you big sis, the struggles and pain is(sic) over. Thank you Jesus. Better delete this post oh, else the world will hear all the evil you have done to our sister nonsense."

However, in a twist, a certain Peter Adesoji Adeeyo, who claims to be Bishop Adeeyo’s son, has also taken to his Facebook page to appeal to the public to take note that his own mother, Mrs Mercy Adeeyo was not divorced from his father.

In the post, he wrote: “My mother Mrcey Adeeyo has not yet been divorce from my father pastor Moses Adeeyo, no settlement made yet, the matter is still in court. Tina Adeeyo is now the second wife while my mother is the first wife.”

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