I called my cousin in London this morning and he informed me that he was in the office for national reason. He works in the social service sector of the economy - they provide succor to the unemployed, needy and poor.

They work 24/7 and in this terrible time of Covid-19 they are to ensure citizens who fall into the category outlined above are paid money into their accounts with no contact to papers for now as the issue of paper work will be dealt with when situation normalizes. The ultimate objective for now IS to keep citizens alive first.

He also informed me that food is delivered to the homes of the poor and the needy in Britain presently because of the total lock-down to avoid people dying of hunger. Most revealing is the contributions of the rich, stars and philanthropic persons and organizations to buying of kits, foods, medicines for those that need them urgently at these trying times. They are also contributing to research on the possible curative medicine for this destructive virus.

This act of love and care for the citizens I am told is not only in Britain but all over Europe, Asia and American continents. The African continent has no such plans and African countries are not even contemplating it. Very, very sad.

Not a normal time no doubt, but you will know a serious nation from its actions and inactions in times and seasons of emergency, especially its attitude and policies towards the vulnerable and needy within the jurisdiction.

I heard that the Minister of Information in Nigeria, Mr. Lai Mohammed was asking Nigerians to brace up for the worst times. You ask, when has there been any good time(s) for Nigerians? Evidence of our state of unpreparedness is everywhere.

The states apart from Lagos State are the worst unprepared at this time. One state Governor was heard allegedly boasting that his citizens will not fall victims of the scourge because the state's name is the only state written in the Bible and they are therefore immune from the disease!  We more or less "compel" God to do things which ordinarily is our core responsibility and the reasons for our election.

The purpose of this write-up is to draw the attention of the federal and state governments to have deep thought for the poor and needy in these terrible times of this pandemic that will require citizens to be self isolated to stop the spread. But they need to be provided for as majority depend on daily businesses or trade for their self survival.

Believe me, hunger is more deadly than corona virus! I will do my little bit by sending stipends to some families that have called to say they have nothing in their homes but how many can I attend to in the light of my limited resources? Please friends, let us remember our neighbors at this trying times, we are our neighbor's keepers!

Monday Onyekachi Ubani, a Legal Practitioner and Human Rights Crusader is a one-time 2nd National Vice President of the Nigerian Bar Association.

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