Rumours of failed celebrity marriages are quite commonplace globally, (Nigeria not spared), on a regular basis, particularly on the social media. The likes of star actresses such as Foluke Daramola, Dakore Akande, etc, have had their fair share of the failed marriages rumour.

Recently, news made the rounds that the marriage of star singer Shola Vibrator’s marriage to juju maestro, Dele Taiwo had hit the rock.

Our man, the award winning journalist, Tee Abiola popularly known as Sean Polotee got in touch with the singer, to scrape up the full gist of the rumour. And below is what he got after an interview session with Shola Vibrator.


News has it that your marriage with Dele Taiwo has hit the rock?
Well I was shocked as well when I went online and when few people sent the whole thing to me my marriage is still intact it’s not crashed so I don't where they got their information from and I never told anybody anything so it's still intact....

We learnt ever since the other wife has been in town, he has abandoned you and your kids?
That’s not true and concerning the other wife, I have been in my lane and have been living my life with God and my kids. I don't get disturbed by what anybody does but if she thinks she can get away with things she’s been doing, she should always remember there’s God.

When you said what she's been doing, what do you really mean? Could it be that she might be the one behind this information circulating online?
I don't trust anybody but at first I never gave anybody any information about anything, I never told anybody about my home because right from time I don't talk about my home outside so if the information comes from her fine let her continue, I don't have any business, I don't have any quarrel with anybody because I never grant any interview about my marriage before now, I never told anybody anything concerning my home so for me to have seen something like that I don't know where it might have come from, only God knows where it came from but all I am trying to say is people should stop poke-nosing into my affair, I don't have business with anybody and if the whole thing came from her well to God be the glory I know definitely she's going to get her reward....

Do you mean to say, ever since Dele Taiwo got married to her, there's been no kind of smooth relationship between the both of you?
He got married to her before he met me... but I have no issue with anyone.

There have been speculations over how many years you’ve been married to him. Some said it’s eight (8) years, some said its beyond, can you please clear the air?
No, it’s more than eight {8} years

Being married to a polygamist, is there any way it has affected your music career and how do you cope with family drama?
It's actually one of the things that affected me, it’s not easy especially for my career, a polygamist should be able to handle is home well but however I have been enjoying God’s faithfulness.

Do you mean to say Dele didn’t handle his home well?
I didn't say that o, he is trying his best to keep things in order...

Anyway, let’s talk about you and your career.
Oya na [Laughs]

How has your husband been supportive?
He used to be supportive but distractions set in at some point in time but I had no choice than to move on….

Have you been doing music before you met him or he encouraged you into music?
I've been into music before I met him and he always encourage me

Has he written any song(s) for you or you’ve been writing your own songs all along?
My husband though unleashed so many secrets musically to me but since inception, I’ve been composing and writing my own songs but when we met, I stole lots of songs from him which i conformed to my own style, like my album, he took me through six months rehearsal, himself and Uncle Lai Adis.

What actually inspire you into music?
It came naturally, it’s an inbuilt thing because music runs in my family and it’s something, I love doing any where I find myself so if you ask what inspired me, I will say God.

Any one in the family doing music professionally as you?
When I was small, my father never left any stone unturned, he was always pushing me to rehearsals.

I was made to join the church choir at the age of 7. My Dad was always taking me to church for rehearsal, he will drop me there and come back to pick me, even before I gained admission into the university, I’ve worked at Klint’s Studio at Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere, he was always taking me there, sometimes, I will be there for like two weeks, he comes around to give me money despite the fact that I earn salary or sometimes, he do take me out, he loves me so much and gave me freedom, he likes music a lot and I really miss his voice because he is late now.

He encouraged me while I was small, I started facing the crowd and taking leads as at the age of eight and some of my family members are also into entertainment professionally, for instance my younger brother DJ Magnum also sings and dance and he is also an instrumentalist, a plays guitar very well and he is based in S.A and Lanre also which you all know as Vector tha viper and also Yomi managing Vector.

So, out of 5 of us, just only one of us is not into entertainment and that’s my immediate younger sister but she likes music a lot too.

So, you mean the Nigerian famous rapper, Vector tha viper is your blood brother?
Yes, he is my younger brother.

Have you guys done any sort of collaboration we’ve probably not heard of or you guys are still cooking up something?
Yes o, wait for it, we are cooking something, we actually did a song for Oba Akiolu of Lagos, just wait for it, don’t let me burst it. We actually performed together on stage like 3years ago at Eko Atlantic, when it was my turn to come in, I did little rap live on stage with him and people were wondering like so, Shola Vibrator could rap because it was a creative experience but just relax, we are both cooking up something.

Hmmmmm ……Up to something, we can’t wait and are we expecting that under the stables of Deetee Records?
Maybe because prospective partners are welcome to project the brand Shola Vibrator to more music lovers.

Your first album was released over 6 years ago which features Pasuma Wonder, how well has it brought you over the years?
My first album was truly released 6 years ago but at some point, in time after two year, we thought we should add somethings to it because it’s a 4-track album so we thought if we could add more tracks to it and do a proper re-launch.

What has been the major challenge?
Sincerely speaking, that has been marketing the album, you know when you have a good marketer, the work load on you will be easy, you will happy to jump into the studio to record more songs, so, that’s the major challenge.

Come to speak of your brand name, “Shola Vibrator” …  we understand “Shola” as a Yoruba name but the suffix “Vibrator” is what we don’t understand, does it mean you like sex toy or what?
Chai! People with dirty minds sha, actually, after my law program I went for creative art in UNILAG so, we are always rehearsing stage play, like in the days of the popular songs, Olori oko by Infiniti, myself, Alexander Osho, Desmond the saxophonist and co, we are always rehearsing 247 so one day, one of us, Paul Umujagbe was like Shola na wa for you o, you just dey vibrate, I could remember back then when I was given the role of Moremi and when I was rehearsing, Paul came to me and said Shola wetin dey sup as you just dey vibrate since morning, are you a vibrator? So, after the presentation of the whole play, I called Paul and said that thing you called me then I think I like it and I will like to adopt that name because for me, it’s something catchy so I included it with my name Shola and its really been working for me.

So, you used to be a stage actor?
Yes, but I had to quit that path, likes of Funke Akindele and co, we did a lot together but I decided to face music but as per acting, I still full ground o, e still dey body….

So, what are the expectations of your fans anytime soon?
A bomb blast, blast of the moment to my superlative, incomparable fans should expect a bomb blast, I mean musically o before they say Shola don become suicide bomber…..

Are we also expecting a duet from you and your husband?

So, lastly Shola, what have you to say to those spreading rumors about your allegedly crashed marriage?
They should face their business and stop spreading false rumor about my marriage, my marriage to Dele Taiwo is still intact and we are fine.

It’s been wonderful spending time with you Shola ……we hope you will grant us the privilege next time we approach you for interview.

Yes sure, thanks.

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