An Abuja housewife is now on the run after she inflicted injuries on her housemaid. A Facebook user, who posted the story, disclosed that the housemaid’s employer inflicted the wound on the young housemaid at the Apo Resettlement, Abuja.

According to the post, the nine year-old young housemaid had mistakenly spilled her boss’s baby’s milk. And in anger, her boss had hit her head hard with a flask, thereby inflicting a deep cut on the maid.

The incident was said to have taken place at 10pm Tueday evening, leaving the young maid to seek medical assistance on her own.

The reported added that the husband of the fleeing woman had also been molesting the maid.

When contacted, that Apo Area Police had made attempts to arrest the woman but could not, as she was said to have absconded. Her husband was said to have been arrested and currently helping the police to investigate the remote causes of the violence meted out to the young maid.

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