President Muhammadu Buhari, signing the Deep Offshore (and Inland Basin Production Sharing Contract Bill to law.
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Evidently, there is an evil conspiracy over this constitutional violation

The president by his actions has insulted, assaulted and abused the power of the office he occupies

The celebration that has greeted the Deep Offshore (and Inland Basin Production Sharing Contract) Act, as signed by the president appears to erase the illegality of signing a bill for the country while on a private visit. A private visit means the president is away for personal concerns, so why does the president still function in the office as a public servant when a Vice-president is meant to superintendent in his stead when he is away.

The mandatory requirement of Section 145 (1) of the Constitution is that the president transmits a letter to President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives to empower Prof. Osinbajo to become Acting President during his vacation.

Evidently, there is an evil conspiracy over this constitutional violation, legislators being annoyingly complicit as led by Ahmed Lawan and Femi Gbajabiamila, whose silence cause too much pains than being eaten by wild animals.

To the Attorney General and Minister of Justice Abubakar Malami, this is legit right, even the Chief Justice of Nigeria cannot advise the president. Maybe our general jurisprudence differs from religious legal scholarship being the discipline of Tanko Mohammed. 

The president by his actions has insulted, assaulted and abused the power of the office he occupies, such that Professor Osinbajo, despite his knowledge of the law could not cough for a second or guide his boss, even if he has to be impeached. 

Truly the law by Nigeria's practice is not just an ass but bare-buttocked donkey ridden to its death because its grunt got mistaken to work me to extinction. 

It is an obvious escalation of disregard for the spirit of the law, even if the letters are just skewed package following the end of military regime. 

My president Muhammadu Buhari, you CANNOT lead the country from London sir, and if others may not remember that your return date is 17th of this month, may I remind you sir, that you cannot function in that capacity as your vice is here and ready to do what we elected both of you to accomplish. 

This country really needs a lot of in-depth sanitisation, if not, this kind of political filthiness will kill everyone, including the perpetrators. 

·        Adeniyi Kunnu, is a broadcast journalist and national affairs commentator

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