Agba Jalingo.

A Federal High Court, sitting in Calabar and presided over by Justice Simon Amobeda has denied bail for Nigerian journalist, Agba Jalingo.

Jalingo was arraigned on September 25, 2019 on four charges of treasonable felony, terrorism and attempt to topple the Cross River State government after 34 days in Police custody.

And, Justice Amobeda who also threw out the preliminary objection of the prosecution counsel, held that the charges were grave with one carrying a capital punishment. He also said that one of the grounds for which bail was applied for was health and there was no substantial evidence to prove that his health was failing.

Agba Jalingo is currently facing charges of terrorism, treasonable felony and attempt to topple the Cross River State government.

He had earlier arrived the Federal High Court premises in Calabar for the ruling on his bail application as well as the preliminary objection on the jurisdiction of the court to hear the application filed by the prosecution.

Mr. Jalingo arrived the court premises at about 9:18 AM in a green coloured van marked “Calabar Prisons” in the company of four correction officers.

Decked in in a black tee shirt with the inscription, “Journalism Is Not A Crime,” Jalingo wore blue and white colored flip flops (bathroom slippers) and a blue jeans.

He waved to colleagues standing by who hailed his arrival and collected a green colored muffler clothing from Jonathan Ugbal, another journalist facing trial over the #RevolutionNow movement. It had the inscriptions “Great Nigeria” and “I Love Nigeria” boldly printed on both sides.

He was led into the courtroom in handcuffs alongside another inmate. Both shared one cuff with Jalingo’s right hand cuffed to the other inmates left hand.

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