Some people scoff at the idea of having a life insurance policy. Oftentimes, their dismissal of this financial product is rooted in the fear of their own death. Other times, they disregard the possibility of that day ever coming to pass. Yet at some other times also, cost factor becomes an issue – they simply feel that there are better ways for them to spend their limited funds.

There are all kinds of reasons for not doing anything, and even not buying a life insurance policy. Yet your life isn’t better because you don’t have a life insurance policy. In fact, it can be considerably worse.

It’s All About Risk Reduction

Any type of insurance that you purchase for any reason is all about risk reduction. No matter what our perceptions of life and the world might be, it all comes with a considerable amount of risks. Since we can’t discern what might go wrong any time, and how much it could cost, we purchase insurance for as many eventualities as we can imagine.

We have health insurance to cover injuries and illness. There’s homeowners insurance to protect against threats to your home. Auto insurance is used to protect the value of your car, as well as to provide for liability to others in the event that we are the cause of an accident. And then there’s disability insurance, to replace income in the event of the inability to work due to injury or illness, as well as business insurance to protect against various risks that are inherent in owning and running a business.

But it’s not just life that’s risky – your own life comes with its own risks. And that is the risk that one day you will die. Life insurance can mitigate that risk, by providing financial benefits to your loved ones so that they will be provided for when you are no longer around to provide for them. And even if there is no one who is directly dependent upon your income or financial resources, there will be final expenses that will need to be paid in the event of your death. Life insurance will cover all of that.

Life Insurance is Peace of Mind – And Your Last Gift to Your Loved Ones

While we more often than not think of life insurance as providing a death benefit, it does provide a very important “living benefit”, and that’s peace of mind.

Mrs. Hope Onuoha.
If you have a spouse or children, or other family members who are dependent upon you for support, you probably spend some amount of time worrying about them. You may worry about the risk of injury, or other unfortunate circumstances. But most people spend at least some time worrying what will become of their families if they are no longer around to care for them.

This is where life insurance comes into the picture, and provides peace of mind. Life insurance isn’t just an expense – it represents an opportunity for you to provide for your loved ones even after your death. In a very real way, it represents the last gift to your loved ones.

That alone can bring about tremendous piece of mind. Since you will have the possibility of your death – and its negative effects on your loved ones – covered by a life insurance policy, you will be free to worry about the day-to-day concerns of taking care of your family. You’ll no longer have to worry what will happen to them when you aren’t around anymore.

Start a policy today, it's affordable and it gives rest of mind.

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-         Mrs. Onuoha, an Annuity expert, wrote in from Lagos, Nigeria.

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