By Ayo Akinfe

(1) The five states of the southeast geo-political zone will float a finance house called Ogbunigwe Bank. It will hand out loans to small businesses with a maximum interest rate of 5%

(2) Every year, at least 200 Abriba and Ohafia cobblers will be sent to China to be trained on modern shoe production. The aim is to build the world’s largest shoe and leather accessories factory in Aba that eventually supplies the global mass market as well as all the major brands including the likes of Gucci and Luis Vuitton

(3) We will build the world’s largest pharmaceutical plant in Orlu. Every year, at least 500 local people will be trained as pharmacists. They will then register their chemists as a chain of stores called Orlu Pharmaceuticals that is vertically integrated to this factory. That way, we can trace the origins of every single drug in Nigeria

(4) Nnewi will be home to the world’s largest car engine factory. Aggressively pushed by the Anambra State government who will hold a 15% stake in the venture, a holding company  will be created between Innoson and international automobile companies like Nissan, Peugeot, Volkswagen, Renault, Toyota etc. It will aim to manufacture at least 1m engines and gear boxes a year

(5) A pan-Igbo holding company called Isiagu Enterprises will be created to drive investment. The five state governments of the southeast will hold a 25% stake in it, with international partners and the private sector owning the rest

(6) Isiagu Enterprises will commit to building five crossings across the River Niger. At least three of them will be rail links

(7) Isiagu Enterprises will also commit to dredging the River Niger up to Onitsha with the aim of building the world’s largest inland port. It will be Africa’s largest cargo port

(8) Isiagu Enterprises will lease land in states like Taraba, Niger, Borno and Kaduna with the aim of growing cash crops to fuel its industries. Ambitious targets will be set for agricultural output with the aim of quadrupling the production of cash crops like palm oil, yam, cassava, maize, kolanuts, cashews, etc. Nigeria must grow every raw material it uses in its food processing business

(9) Isiagu Enterprises will also undertake to dredge Ikot-Abasi and Calabar ports so they can take big ships like Apapa. Rail links will then be constructed linking them with the rest of the country.

(10) Isiagu Enterprises will introduce the world’s most humane corporate social responsibility contract that will fund education and infrastructure development in the host communities where it operates. For instance, if it is sourcing leather from Dapchi in Yobe State for its shoe processing factory, Isiagu Enterprises will fund the construction of a primary school there.


Ayo Akinfe, is a London-based journalist who has worked as a magazine and newspaper editor for the last 29 years. He was the founding editor of Nigerian Watch, the UK-based paper for the Nigerian community in the UK, which has today grown to become the largest ethnic minority title in the country.

A keen blogger, social network commentator and political analysis, Ayo is also the author of two books. Fuelling the Delta Fires is an expose which reveals the depth of the challenges Nigeria faces in the Niger Delta, while Black Ladder is a narrative about the life of a Nigerian immigrant in the UK.

Ayo is also a columnist for several publishing houses in both Nigeria and the UK including the UK Guardian, the Nigerian Guardian, the BBC, Punch, Vanguard and Nigerian Village Square. Ayo has a history degree from the University of Ibadan and did his post-graduate studies in journalism at the University of Westminster in the UK.

He is currently working on several other books due to be published soon. In addition, Ayo is a community activist, being the president of Ondo Union UK, the chairman of Uncelebrated Nigerian Awards UK and was the chairman of the Nigerian Centenary Awards UK organising committee that honoured the most outstanding Nigerians in Britain between 1914 and 2014.

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