Senator Solomon O. Adeola.
As the hue and cry over huge earners of Nigeria’s lawmakers continues to dominate public discourse, the senator representing Lagos West Senatorial District, Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola, popularly called “Yayi” recently posted a video on his verified twitter handle displaying affluence.

In the video, the Senator is seen singing praises to God in Igbo, while making sharing a joke of being Yoruba, adorning a Hausa outfit and singing praises in Igbo.

“After 8 hours in office on a Saturday working on MTEF/FSP document, it is time to appreciate God Almighty still representing I am a Yoruba man with Hausa themed fashion singing  Igbo praise song,” he twitted.

As he danced, the camera revealed the beauty and opulence in his office, which must have caused some fortunes to put together.

Watch video below...

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