Senator Bayo Oshinowo.
By Kester Ameze
A senator representing Lagos East Senatorial District of Lagos State, Senator Bayo Oshinowo has been accused of masterminding a plan to facilitate the illegal release from prison custody, a known Lagos land grabber, Otunba Kamorudeen Lamina, who is commonly known as Sir K. Oluwo.

According to our correspondent, the senator, alleged to be a political ally of the land grabber, known for his acquisition of land in Lagos and Ogun States by force of arms, is said to be working in cahoots with some highly placed officials in the office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) in Ogun state, using his privileged position as a senator of the federal Republic to effect the release of Lamina from prison custody where he was remanded by the Shagamu Chief Magistrate Court, on a four-count charge of conspiracy to murder, murder, unlawful possession of firearms and armed robbery.

“What is strange and worrisome about this issue are the surreptitious and devious moves by some highly placed politicians, police jobbers and pseudo businessmen, who are beneficiaries of Lamina’s patronage, to exert undue pressure on the system with a view to influencing the course of justice in favor of the Ijebu waterside-born goon,” a source who pleaded anonymity for fear of any untoward attack on him, told our correspondent.

Otunba Kamorudeen Lamina, feared for his dreaded and infamous land speculation, is said to operate in and around the Ikorodu/Shagamu axis of Lagos and Ogun states respectively.

Our corresponded gathered that he was arrested and remanded in prison custody by an order of His Lordship, Mr. Ojikutu of Shagamu Chief Magistrate Court, Ogun State, bothering on suit number MSH/289c/2019, in which he, Lamina was found culpable on a four-count charge of conspiracy to murder, murder, unlawful possession of firearms and armed robbery.

Otunba Kamorudeen Lamina aka Sir K.
Our source noted with dismay that no sooner was Otunba Kamorudeen Lamina ordered to be remanded in prison than he was chauffeured-driven in an unregistered luxurious car out of the court premises with police vehicles in tow for his protection.

Sequel to this executive reception, his acolytes are said to be going around sounding it to whoever cares to listen that no prison is big enough to contain Lamina. They boasted that he would soon be left off the hook, and readily brandish the name of Senator Bayo Oshinowo, a serving senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria from Lagos State, as his godfather,” our source further hinted us.

When probed further, the source maintained that Senator Oshinowo has already initiated a discussion with a Director in the Department of Public Prosecution (DPP), Ogun State which will facilitate letting Lamina completely off the hook.

Independent investigations by our correspondent affirmed that there is a relationship between Lamina and Senator Bayo Oshinowo which dates back to his days as the chairman of Somolu Local government

Lamina, it was learnt, ran an open campaign for Senator Oshinowo during the 2019 general elections, in which the latter became victorious. A check also revealed ample evidence of Lamina hoisting Senator Oshinowo’s banners in his offices and residential house respectively and was alleged to have even sponsored the printing of some of his campaign materials such as posters, fliers, T-shirts and caps.

To further demonstrate his closeness to “the high and mighty”, even in prison, Lamina was said to have bragged that he had the necessary human and material resources to quash all the charges preferred against him to make him walk away a free man at the adjourned date.

Also mentioned as one of his benefactors is a certain Chief from Ogun State identified as a socialite, with offices in Lagos and Abuja.

The Chief, our correspondent learnt, has over the years rendered several services to Lamina, including standing as surety for him occasionally whenever he’s arrested,
According to some prisons wardens spoken to on condition of anonymity, they confirmed that the boastful nature of Lamina while in custody demonstrates a man with links to powerful people in high places.

In an interview with Senator Oshinowo conducted by telephone, he admitted knowing Kamarudeen Lamina as one of his political supporters in his constituency who comes around and renders political assistance.

”Yes, I know him like I know many other people in my constituency,” Senator Oshinowo said. He however refuted vehemently any plan by him or anybody close to him to bend the law for the sake of Lamina, stressing that as a law abiding Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, he would never have a hand in anything that would undermine the constitution.

”I am a law maker and would not be a law breaker. I learnt the case is in court; am I the judge or the DPP? So, how can I set him free when I am not in such a position?” the former LGA Chairman posited.

In a telephone chat with the Ogun State Chief also fingered in the matter, particularly to verify his relationship with Kamorudeen Lamina, he said he hears of Lamina and his activities just the same way those who know him hear about him. He flatly denied having anything to do with his planned release from prison custody.

It will be recalled that Otunba Kamorudeen Lamina was arrested and charged to court on August 20th 2019 for criminal offences. He was said to have on several occasions been in and out of court since 2005 for similar offences where judgments were often given against him, but which, for strange reasons were never enforced by the police.

Speaking on why it took the police this length of time to arrest and prosecute Lamina despite the series of cases against him by the police, the Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer(PPRO),  Abimbola Oyeyemi said it was because most of the court injunctions against him were from Lagos and were not served on Ogun Police Command.He added that what played out on 20th August at the Sagamu Magistrate Court was the outcome of the decision of DPP, Ogun state to co-opt the police into the matter.“And that was why the police quickly hunted him down, arrested and charged him to court,” the police spokesman said.

On allegations of complicity by the police in Lamina’s matter, Oyeyemi said it was not true, while maintaining that nobody was above the law no matter how highly placed.

“Arrests and prosecution may tarry as a result of complex investigations but at the fullness of time, the law must take its course.” he stated.

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  1. But it is absurd that a senator could be franternising with people of low moral estate.

  2. Nigeria with its wahala. Every day, ugly news.


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