A member of the Lagos State contingent to the 2019 Hajj, has died, it has been reported.

The sad news was broken by Amirul Hajj, Dr AbdulLateef AbdulHakeem, According to him, the deceased slumped and died yesterday on Sunday August 11th, 2019.

According to Vanguard, the deceased, identified as Alhaja Folashade Lawal, from Oshodi Local Government Area of Lagos State, died while heading to Jumarat to perform one of the Islamic rites— throwing pebbles— at 3a.m.

Hear AbdulHakeem: “We were told she slumped on her way to Jamarat to throw pebbles, but unfortunately she gave up from that point. Doctors told us that she had high blood pressure.”

The Amirul Hajj could not immediately confirm if the 56-year-old woman was receiving medical attention before the incident. He disclosed, however, that all pilgrims from Lagos State made it to Arafat, saying even a lady who had brain surgery was brought to Arafat in an ambulance to perform the religious obligation.

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