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Hi everyone. I am Chasideho (or Charles Ideho…they are one and the same thing). As a trained journalist, I make some issues my business by poking my nose into them to get facts and serve same to the public for use.

So it’s only natural that I had to dig into the issue bordering on the title of this little expos to warn folks of the danger of “side-chicking”.

You see, keeping side chicks is a personal choice and those who keep them can give you more than a dozen reasons (plausible as they may seem) why they so do. As I said, the choice is yours.

But how about after hanging out with her and a “collabo” video of you and your side chick surfaces on the internet? “Not your portion”, right? Fine.

Lemme go straight to the point. These days, I learnt that porn actors and actresses are becoming scarce and this is affecting business for producers and directors of that stuff. So how do they keep afloat in business? Recruit guys among hotel workers at hotels to plant cameras in rooms. Promise them as much as $1,000 for any materials of hotel guests having sex that have been recorded. Fiam… their bank accounts swell. Cool cash, without breaking much sweat. Very easy. 

Now, here’s the danger of taking side chicks to hideouts to hangout. You paid for a room (I think they call it short time or something), and you got down to business .You had your fill, and you and you partner went away satiated. End of Scene One.

Scene Two:
You are unsuspecting. Your wife/hubby knows nothing that had gone down between you and your side chick/side guy.

Meanwhile, the very act of you and your side chick/side guy has been uploaded on a porn site!

Whaaaat!!! Oh my God!!! Bros, babe, both of you have become porn Super Stars providing pleasure 
for persons of low mental state who see pornography as a medication to keep their brains oiled! Your faces and your melodramatic performance displayed by both of you in the hotel room, and on the hotel bed without bed covers providing you with some modicum of covers, have gone public globally.

The painful fact is, you may never know. But how about if someone close to you, your grown up daughter, your son, your in-law, your schoolmates, your landlord’s daughter/son, or your political enemy, or any other enemy type, gets hold of a porn “movie” featuring you and your side chick/side guy as lead actors? How would you tell your story? How would you plead your case? Guilty? Not guilty? The choice, as they say, is yours.

Last line: If you have read this far and you still have not got my drift, too bad. But if you have, stay away from side chicks. Stop taking side chicks/side guys to hideouts. Those hideouts really do not hide you or your acts. Be circumspect. Be wise. Seek salvation and get your rewards for acts of righteousness.

Thanks to Hope Ezinwa Onuoha, who provided the initial information that got me into investigating the trend.

I am Chasideho. I love to keep you informed….always.

·        Charles Ideho, a social media influencer, is a Nigerian broadcast journalist.

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  1. What is bad is bad. This act of hotel employees planted cameras in the rooms is evil and shud be spoken against.

    Whoever decides to go to hotel🏨for whatever their reasons are is not my business but what really baffles me is the level many nigerians are willing to go just to be rich illicitly.

    Any hotel found doing this shud be closed down and those involved shud be prosecuted.


    1. Very sad. That's the what the get-rich-quick syndrome has brought.


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