Her name is Lizzygold Onuwaje, a single mother of one, a former Miss Delta State, Nollywood actress and producer, etcetera, etcetera. 

Hear her: “I cannot live under the same roof with my man. You must work at two weeks distance from me. I love my space, can’t deal [with] seeing my husband daily. I love to miss you, Skype or do videos with you; let’s just be missing each other, that would arouse me and increase my love for you. I’m quite busy too so I need a man that is also extremely busy. So if you are a footballer, or work in offshore, or you’ve businesses abroad that take you out of the home for at least 2 weeks, you have a chance.

“You must be older than me with about 5 years. I want to always look young before my man. You must never use pink lips balm on your lips. You must keep clean low hair cut, no weaving of hair, no afro and no plenty beard. You must never sag down your trousers. I love a complete well dressed gentleman. You must have a fresh breath because I love kissing. You must smell nice always and you must never pierce your ear, nose or any part of your body…no tattoos too. You must talk less. I don’t like men who talk too much and you must be good in bed…very important. You must be God-fearing and you must be romantic, I love gifts and surprises. Money is important; so you must have small money. I am not saying you should be rich as Dangote, in fact we both must bring money to the table because I am also hard working. You must never be a bully or lay your finger on me. The day you try it, I’m divorcing your ass straight up; you must be a complete gentle man.”

 ...And so on and so on...

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  1. Wow! This woman is Dearing. I only pity her bcos no African man will put up with all this conditions.

    I wish her luck in her hunt for d man that will meet her criteria.


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