President Muhammadu Buhari (in front), taking round other government functionary round his ranch in his Daura home land.

The Nigerian society has never been as divided in the entire history of its corporate existence as it has become today, under a primitive and clannish ruler–General Muhammadu Buhari. Every word said or unsaid, action or inaction made by him have continued to expand the ethno-religious cleavages that exist among our people. Worse still, is his overt bias for his Fulani ethnic group over and above every other tribe in Nigeria, a development that has now transformed the group from the hitherto peaceful nationality and whose main preoccupation was cattle rearing, to a belligerent race of killers.

Starting from the strategic appointment of his Fulani brethren into all the key military and political positions, down to the flagrant display of partisanship by those appointees at every point they are opportune to speak on the on-going ethnic cleansing being perpetrated by their foot soldiers against other ethnic nationalities, Buhari seems to be unmistakably committed to the establishment of the Fulani domination over the rest of us.

Whether you talk about Emir Sanusi’s insensitive comments, or you chose to mind the Defence Minister, Munsur Ali on his justification of the orgy of killings being carried out by his folks, there appears to be a very strong resolve among that race to continue the Uthman Dan Fodio crusade, riding on the crest of their present access to the levers of power in the Nigerian political establishment. Evidently, Buhari’s government is hardly able to conceal its joy and satisfaction about the “progress” that is being made on a daily basis with regards to the gradual incursion into the territories of the South in furtherance of their primitive agenda of conquest and expansionism.

Sadly enough, the killings are not showing any signs to abate anytime soon. No thanks to such pliant Governors like Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, David Umahi of Ebonyi and Yahaya Bello of Kogi States, who have demonstrated their administrative indolence and parochial will to gratify the marauding tribe, just to be seen as loyal to the powers that be.

Those of us who are not of the Fulani “blue-blood” are now reduced to endangered species in the face of this state-sponsored pogrom, while local and international watchers continue to doubt the bizarre realities that have now beleaguered our daily lives.

The social media is replete with pictures and videos of toddlers and children of all ages that are currently being registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in Buhari’s Northern parts of the country, which are invariably his political strongholds. Not surprisingly, the government has not even deemed it necessary to refute this trending story. This scenario puts paid to every doubt that there is a crazy desperation to ensure that the current Jihadist campaign and slaughter of non-Fulani Nigerians is sustained beyond the first term of General Buhari.

While we can only do little to defend ourselves against these evil missionaries of primitive conquest and subjugation, we however hope that we, the non-Fulanis have come to the full realisation of the fact that a possible return of General Buhari to office in 2019 for another term in power spells an existential threat to us and our generations unborn. It is the duty of all adult human beings from the Southern part of Nigeria, the Middle Belt as well as those of the non-Fulani stock in the Northern parts of Nigeria to do all we can to ensure we are not only eligible to vote, but to troop out en mass to vote against the return of Alhaji Buhari, come 2019 general elections.

We must now realise that any act of political apathy or indifference in the face of this grand-conspiracy will be an indirect support to those who have sworn to obliterate us from the face of the earth. All hands, therefore, must be on deck and eternal vigilance, our watchword until liberation is achieved. We must all come out in one accord to say “babu baba” rather than “sai baba.”

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