Senator James Udoedehe.
For his unyielding love for President Muhammadu Buhari, Senator James Udoedehe, a chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, and former senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, has declared that serving the President as a domestic staff (house boy, cleaner or messenger) would not be demeaning to his personality.
He disclosed this to newsmen in reaction to the recently released names of board members of various agencies.
The former Akwa Ibom State senator, a former minister, who was recently appointed as a board member of the Nigeria Information Technology Development Agency, maintained that he has been receiving calls from his political associates describing the appointment as humiliating.
He said he didn’t mind serving the president in any capacity, promising to rally support for President Buhari and help him win majority of votes in Akwa Ibom in the 2019 elections, no matter the challenges.
Hear him, “It will be disrespectful to the president for me to reject the offer, I am a loyal party member. If the president finds me worthy to be a messenger or a cleaner in the government, as a Christian I should humble myself and accept it. I don’t want to give my enemies weapon to tell lies against me. I don’t want my enemies to go and tell the president that I am arrogant.”
Going spiritual, he quoted the Bible as teaching about long suffering, humility, patience, and gratefulness to God.

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