Cristiano Ronaldo, his love for humanity overrides the craze for tattoos.

Tattoos and footballers (and other sportsmen and women) all over the world have become some sort of Siamese twins over the last two decades. The craze for it, for most of them, is quite arrestingly irresistible.

In spite of the personality cult this trend has created, one sports personality has however refused to be caught in the fray. Surprisingly, star footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t have a single mark of tattoo anywhere on his body. The reason for this is no religious as some are wont to think.

Typical football stars tattoos

The Portuguese who is known for his efforts to help children overcome debilitating disease, said the reason he stayed away from the tattoos craze is to enable him continue to donate blood. In a recent interview a Spanish Radio, Ronaldo said, “I don’t have tattoos because I donate blood very often, twice yearly."

In addition to this, he also donates bone marrow, a decision he took  after witnessing a teammate’s struggles.

‘It was the time when Carlos [Martins] was with us on the national team. He told us about the problem with his son and we, the players, showed great unity to help him and his son because we knew it was a very complicated situation," he said. "Donating bone marrow ‘is something a lot of people think is a difficult thing to do but it’s nothing more than drawing blood and doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t cost anything. It’s a simple process and then you feel happy because you know you are helping another person," he said in the interview.

So, off the pitch in a game that has brought him honour and global glory, CR7 certainly has a bowel filled with the milk of human kindness.

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